Friday, September 21

People are amazing

I have been so overwhelmed by people lately in such a good way....

From girls driving by in their cars yelling "love your bump!"
to fellow army wives coming to mow my lawn for free
to the lady from the dmv who sent me a card thanking me for our sacrifices as a military family

to getting a wonderful prenatal massage from a fellow Mamma and friend
and a pedicure and baby outfit from the best boss I've ever had

 to getting free professional newborn photos of our highly anticipated baby girl 
and getting offered free professional photos during labor and delivery
getting tons of advice and offerings from fellow mothers 

to the much needed phone calls early in the morning from my best friend on her way to class
(preventing me from a emotional breakdown without even knowing it)

to my best friend's best friend and fellow Mother who I've never met in person who is sending me a gift for Abby all the way from Indiana
to a fellow mother who once did my hair when I first moved to Kansas who turned out to become a dear friend and has offered her help before and after Abby is born...

to my other best friend for taking off two weeks of work to come be with me and help with baby and distract me from the hardest thing I've ever had to do (see Ashton off right before our first child is born) & remind me of what an incredible friendship we share

and to my friend for sacrificing time with her family to come be with all the way from new york to come be with me after baby is born
and baby gifts from a friend in Texas who I haven't seen since high school
...a dresser and closet full of new baby girl clothes from two wonderful parents....

....and the encouraging messages from people who I have either: A) never met physically, or B) Not spoken to in years....

Not to mention the daily encounters from people being so lovely and kind...
I just cannot express how amazing you all are and how much these things mean to me.

I feel like amazing things are happening all around me, and at the same time, the most difficult things. Maybe that is what needs to be. 

"Love is the cure
for your pain will keep giving birth to more pain
until your eyes constantly exhale love
as effortlessly as your body yields it's scent"

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Celia Karren said...

what a great post to show your gratitude. Luv ya!