Wednesday, March 28


I snapped these photos in between my classes today. Kansas State University has such a beautiful campus, and spring here really is incredible. I walk by the flowers and they smell like perfume.

This is the front of Hale library. Though I rarely go inside, I admire the building every time I walk by. Beautiful architecture.

Ashton read this book titled "Last child in the woods" which I am intending on reading once I am done with this semester. He said it is about a child with autism whose parents insisted the child spend time with them out in nature. It details the way the child's personality and temperament were so positively different when he was outside. I think as a society we really underestimate the power we have to heal ourselves. There are numerous examples of how our mind has power over our physical body, including the well known placebo effect. There have even been studies where two groups of individuals were told they were getting surgery for their arthritic knees. One group actually got surgery, the other only got cut open and sewn back up. Astonishingly, both groups reported significantly less arthritic pain upon the 6 month follow up. All the second group had was the feeling, or thought that they were getting a healing treatment. That is all it took for them to be able to walk normally again without pain.

Western medicine has really made an industry on convincing us that we need medical professionals to dictate what we do when it comes to most everything having to do with the body. I mean, don't get me wrong I believe doctors are very important and save lives everyday. I just think that as a whole, doctors in the last century look only for disease and thus they are much more likely to see more instances of illness, even when it doesn't exist. Their job is to look for disease and treat the disease. What happened to preventative and holistic medicine? Doesn't it make sense to treat the whole person, rather than pinpointing a single ailment?

Stepping off my soap box now.

Time to work on my homework now. I have procrastinated long enough!

Sunday, March 25

14 weeks/2nd trimester

So happy that my pregnancy is going to be through the warm summer months, so I can wear dresses and cute tops the whole time. Jeans don't fit anymore!

addicted to make up

I think I need to start doing video reviews for products I use and have tried. These items are just some of my favorites. If I lived close to a Sephora, I would try so hard to get a job there! Heaven!

Friday, March 23

subtle benefits

I have the best nails of my life thanks to pregnancy! Note to those ttc or newly pregnant-- if you find your nails are worse than they were before you got pregnant, then tell your doctor because it can be signal for concern.

Maternity stylin

So today I went and got a pedicure and some new wedges...(Jessica Simpson really knows what she is doing!) for the wedding my husband and I are going to tomorrow. Though, I am pretty sure I am going to wear these shoes every chance I get...not only are they a-freakin-dorable, but they are actually comfortable (leather!).

I don't think I had as much style before I was pregnant, as I do now. I'm not trying to look like frumpty dumpty pregnant lady. Though my skin is continuing to break out, I still want to feel good about myself. I've always had issues with my skin so whenever I read articles about women getting the pregnancy glow (excess oil) I'm like, I WISH! I already have pretty well lubed skin, I don't need any more oil...but I'm pretty sure I don't have a choice in the matter. Whatever it takes for a healthy baby I guess! But I do wonder, how to celebrities have such flawless skin when they are pregnant? I mean, all of them do. I realize they are loaded and can afford any skin treatment around.... sigh. Thank god for sephora!

At least new shoes and cute outfits can keep my self-esteem afloat! And the sweet compliments Ashton gives me, even when I'm makeup-less. I really am a lucky wife.

Pregnancy food

My lunch for the day:

A cliff bar (blueberry...yum!)
Salad with ranch dressing (which I normally wouldn't eat but it adds calories), tomatoes and cucumbers.
Prenatals and fish oil

One of the hardest things I have dealt with during pregnancy so far is getting enough calories into my body. When nothing looks or sounds appetizing, it's really frustrating. I find myself complaining about this a actually worries me. I know I am only 14 weeks along and the babies nutritional/caloric needs are minimal but I have yet to gain any weight. I am still below my pre-pregnancy weight, and I find myself compuslively checking the bathroom scale in hopes that I have gained even a single pound. Though that is likely impossible since I am still unable to eat more than 2,000 calories in a day. I feel like if I weren't lactose intolerant then it wouldn't be such a daily challenge. I would just chow down on some ice cream and milkshakes. I would just drink some Ensure nutrition drinks, but they are all made of milk. Finding lactose free ones has proven impossible in this town/city. I have lots of ideas for protein shakes and whatnot but sometimes I literally don't have enough energy to get out of the damn bed! Anyway, I have a meeting with a nutritionist in a couple weeks. Hoping for some awesome tips and practical advice.

The only things that I can seem to stomach are salads, fruits, candy and steak. I tried to drink some lactaid milk with chocolate powder mixed in, and ended up throwing that up. Not sure if it was because it was milk or just progesterone poisoning (morning sickness). Hopefully these food aversions will calm down and I can start eating some real substance.

A side note about this whole journey....

One thing that I never anticipated during pregnancy is the freakin constipation. I know, it is the last thing any lady wants to discuss...but it is a real freakin problem. Not only because of progesterone slowing down your digestion, but also if you end up taking Zofran (the #1 medicine for nausea and morning sickness) you WILL be constipated. They prescribe colace along with it because it is an inevitable issue, no matter how much fiber you eat! I really think it's natures way of getting women prepared for the pushing involved with childbirth! Nice visual there huh? ;)

Thursday, March 22

14 weeks along!

Snapped this picture in jc penny....