Sunday, January 29

back in 2008....

When my fiance at the time, came home on leave for two weeks he took me to a romantic hotel in Seattle for a weekend. It was called the Pan Pacific...we took a bath together and drank sweet champagne. A few days later he returned to Iraq and all I had for the next 6 months were the photos from his visit. When he left, I was the most heartbroken I had ever been...I cried the entire drive home from the airport and went home to an empty bed. It all made me feel so empty without him. Now he has been home for a long while but is getting ready to deploy again...only this time we will have our first child. He will miss out on the first 9-10 months of the baby's life...but that is just the sacrifice one gives up for bravery. He really is my hero...

Saturday, January 28

future inpsiration

This photoshoot was my first in Kansas. Actually turned out to be one of my favorites. These photos will be my inspiration to get fit again after this pregnancy!

Photo from the honeymoon

I took this the day before we got married on the island of Kauai. Best vacation/honeymoon/wedding ever! Now we are expecting our first child, life sometimes seems so sublime it's hard to comprehend the reality of it all.

Wednesday, January 18

Thinking about childbirth

I have recently been doing some research on childbirth in the hopsital and in a birthing center. I've been trying to compare and contrast them and so far, I am literally scared to deliver my baby in a hospital.

1. You are laying flat on your back, which is an unnatural position and gravity is working against you. It has been reported to be more painful this way too.

2. You are treated like a medical object and doctors are more likely to use forecepts, a vaccum or other methods to get the baby out which is probably unnecessary because women have been delivering babies for centuries without that stuff (and still do in many countries).

3. Hospital staff may take your newborn away from you for hours at a time which can be devistating to the mother and infant. Babies need constant skin to skin contact and warmth (not just for bonding!).

4. I do not want an episiotomy or c section unless me or the baby will die without it, and as I have come to understand they are routine!?

5. I want to be in as much control as I can during one of the most traumatic bodily experiences I'll likely ever have.

6. I want to be in a reasurring environment that will help me have as little anxiety as possible. I really feel like childbirth is made worse in a hospital environment where they hook you up to IV's and god knows what else. Not necessary unless you are having serious complications!

Onto more reading and research...

Tuesday, January 17

Shoes are a girls best friend

I almost had an orgasm when I saw these!! My favorite boot of all time. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Walking the dogs//Outfit

Here in Kansas, there hasn't been any snow hence the absence of cold weather attire in mid January. I need to find a better way to take photos of my outfits. Sick of the mirror photo cliche.

September, 2012

Words cannot express how excited I am for September!!!

Sunday, January 15