Wednesday, August 29

Baby sling under $10

So I watched this online tutorial on how to make a baby sling without sewing. I went to the craft store and found 2 metal rings and bought 3 feet of fabric (my favorite color of course!). All I had to do was pull the fabric through the rings a couple times and viola! It held my little dog just fine and she seemed to like it....she even dozed off a couple times ;) I may post a video tutorial on how to do it...I think I am going to go get some more fabric that is smoother and try it again. I mean, for under $10 you just can't beat it! Baby k'tan carriers are basically the same thing and cost upwards of $40! And these, you can choose whatever material you like. Genius. Pure genius.


Natassia said...

Can you please post a link to the tutorial? I bought rings and fabric and I CANNOT figure it out.

Anonymous said...