Friday, March 23

Pregnancy food

My lunch for the day:

A cliff bar (blueberry...yum!)
Salad with ranch dressing (which I normally wouldn't eat but it adds calories), tomatoes and cucumbers.
Prenatals and fish oil

One of the hardest things I have dealt with during pregnancy so far is getting enough calories into my body. When nothing looks or sounds appetizing, it's really frustrating. I find myself complaining about this a actually worries me. I know I am only 14 weeks along and the babies nutritional/caloric needs are minimal but I have yet to gain any weight. I am still below my pre-pregnancy weight, and I find myself compuslively checking the bathroom scale in hopes that I have gained even a single pound. Though that is likely impossible since I am still unable to eat more than 2,000 calories in a day. I feel like if I weren't lactose intolerant then it wouldn't be such a daily challenge. I would just chow down on some ice cream and milkshakes. I would just drink some Ensure nutrition drinks, but they are all made of milk. Finding lactose free ones has proven impossible in this town/city. I have lots of ideas for protein shakes and whatnot but sometimes I literally don't have enough energy to get out of the damn bed! Anyway, I have a meeting with a nutritionist in a couple weeks. Hoping for some awesome tips and practical advice.

The only things that I can seem to stomach are salads, fruits, candy and steak. I tried to drink some lactaid milk with chocolate powder mixed in, and ended up throwing that up. Not sure if it was because it was milk or just progesterone poisoning (morning sickness). Hopefully these food aversions will calm down and I can start eating some real substance.

A side note about this whole journey....

One thing that I never anticipated during pregnancy is the freakin constipation. I know, it is the last thing any lady wants to discuss...but it is a real freakin problem. Not only because of progesterone slowing down your digestion, but also if you end up taking Zofran (the #1 medicine for nausea and morning sickness) you WILL be constipated. They prescribe colace along with it because it is an inevitable issue, no matter how much fiber you eat! I really think it's natures way of getting women prepared for the pushing involved with childbirth! Nice visual there huh? ;)

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