Friday, March 23

Maternity stylin

So today I went and got a pedicure and some new wedges...(Jessica Simpson really knows what she is doing!) for the wedding my husband and I are going to tomorrow. Though, I am pretty sure I am going to wear these shoes every chance I get...not only are they a-freakin-dorable, but they are actually comfortable (leather!).

I don't think I had as much style before I was pregnant, as I do now. I'm not trying to look like frumpty dumpty pregnant lady. Though my skin is continuing to break out, I still want to feel good about myself. I've always had issues with my skin so whenever I read articles about women getting the pregnancy glow (excess oil) I'm like, I WISH! I already have pretty well lubed skin, I don't need any more oil...but I'm pretty sure I don't have a choice in the matter. Whatever it takes for a healthy baby I guess! But I do wonder, how to celebrities have such flawless skin when they are pregnant? I mean, all of them do. I realize they are loaded and can afford any skin treatment around.... sigh. Thank god for sephora!

At least new shoes and cute outfits can keep my self-esteem afloat! And the sweet compliments Ashton gives me, even when I'm makeup-less. I really am a lucky wife.

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