Friday, July 19

How to survive deployment with a new baby!

Many of you may know who I am. 

You probably see the photo at the top of my blog and think to yourself, she's a military wife. 

But what does that mean? 

And why would you care to know any more than that anyway?

Because we, the military families are the ones who sacrifice along side our american soldiers-

 but never earn any medals and never earn rank in the united states military.

Spouses choose this life because they fell in love with a man, a hero who happens to be a US soldier.

When you meet the love of your life you won't allow anything to separate you from them....

except war.

And if we, spouses had any say you know we would hug our soldier tight and say, NO, you cannot take him. our dreams.

I have been a military wife for almost 5 years now and have learned so much along the way.

I have learned how to become more extroverted and reach out to people.

I have learned that nothing in life stays the same so you might as well embrace it all.

I remember when I was pregnant and I KNEW that my husband would not be there for the birth of our first child...

I searched and searched the internet for advice about how to survive deployment with a newborn. How to deal with all of the emotions. It wasn't easy and I never found any advice I made a video all about to survive deployment. 

So here's my video, I hope it inspires some of you fellow military wives to get outside of your comfort zone. And PLEASE leave a comment if you want to talk about anything!

Thanks for reading & watching!


Rachel nicholas said...

You are so freaking cute! My hubs is deployed right now and I'm struggling with wanting the time to go fast so he will be home and then wanting it to slow down cause our baby is almost not a baby anymore! Super helpful advise for other wives! :)

Christina Shoults said...

Aw thanks hun! Babies do grow so fast!!