Friday, July 12

Flawless Face :: Neutral Natural

If you're anything like me then you have tried just about every brand of foundation out there. You name it and I've probably tried it. I don't know how much make up I have gone through trying to find the right formula. I have tried some of the most expensive brands available at sephora (NARS, Laura Mercier, etc) and I still find myself coming back to the Clinique Acne Solutions liquid foundation. 

To me the most important job of any foundation is to STAY on my face. Not just for 20 minutes, I mean, all day. If you have oily or combination skin, I highly recommend going to your nearest Clinique counter and asking for a sample, or for them to try it on your skin. It has a natural finish and covers extremely well. I ran out the other day and couldn't' wait to get to the mall and buy another bottle. Plus, it's under $30!
Love Clinique!

I've put together my little routine below. I like an easy natural-ish look. Having an infant crawling around I don't have that much time to make myself over in the morning, but I want to look put together. These items are my MUST HAVES in my beauty routine. 

As I've posted in my instagram, if you don't know how to highlight and contour or just don't have the time then I recommend investing in the

         Korres Magic Light Contouring Trio

It is simply amazing. Just use an angled brush and keep your strokes symmetrical. I will do a video tutorial when I get time, of my current foundation/makeup routine. 

Lastly, if you love a nude lip as much as I do then go to your nearest MAC counter and purchase their Creme de Nude lipstick... It's my favorite lipstick in my whole makeup collection. Perfect for fair skin tones like myself!

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