Wednesday, May 23

Officially in my 6th month!


colleen said...

My name is Colleen. I stumbled across your blog on Pinterest. Just want to say I wish you much love and a healthy pregnancy. I have much respect and appreciation for you and your family. I have no idea how hard it must be on you to have your husband deployed, especially at this time. I have a 16 year old boy and when I went thru my pregnancy I had my husband, but no one else. We lived far from both his family and mine, and he worked 18 hr days. NOT at all the same as you, I know. I think it's a wonderful thing for you to keep this blog. Your husband will at least be able to keep up with everything that's happening. AND know you are both safe. So, thank you for your sacrifices. Yours and your husbands, and your baby's. My family is grateful for families like yours. Much love, Colleen Hudspeth, Richmond Virginia

Christina Shoults said...

Thank you for your kind words! They mean a lot. Love to you and yours hun <3