Monday, April 26

forces of disintegration

Of the whole I think it is fair to say that as a society, we remain idly passive until dis-ease protests itself rather extremely. Of the psyche or of the physical body, are we not individulas of vulnerability? Humans need human contact, we need the most basic things linked with survival, but most importantly, understanding and empathy no matter the situation. Too often onlookers wait, temporize or even ignore serious matters in order to evade what might be a serious matter of which our ego is not accustomed. It then becomes easier to let the person being observed to suffer and wander in anguish and confusion. But is this the right thing to do? It would seem, intellectually that this would be the opposite of what the ego would want. When we help people we almost always feel a sense of accomplishment and an overal feeling of goodness. So why do so many individuals suffer so grievously? It is true, the number of people afflicted by depression, anxiety, personality disorders and the like, are contiually rising and affecting younger populations with each passing decade.
We need to dig down to the roots, the nitty gritty of what makes us who we are. We can easily describe what we look like or what wing of political preference we prefer but when it comes to self-analysis we come up short. Too often the populace simply cannot conjure up the words to do so. Why is this? It seems as if we are guarded against self reflection and the deep meaning behind each action. Of course, our ego will not allow itself to be damaged and will do anything necessary to prevent such happenings. Previous generations have done well to engrain into people that deep and thorough psychoanalysis will inevitably transmute into a sickness of the psyche, so it would be best to let and let live. This decision is just what enables such neuroses to exist and command our actions every day.
What is really causing disease of the mind is the lack of attention, the denial of self worth and self respect. Moreover, the guilt of the self weights heavy, disrupting judgments, altering self analysis and providing false evidence. All too often our judgments of our self are very wrong and misguided. We declare ourselves unworthy and from that basis we doom ourselves. Everyday people are not programmed to process and receive the abnormal that is so common in psychoneurosis.
We all have the capacity to change and once we change our thoughts, we will change how we feel. We have the tools, we just need to pay attention to the instructions.

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